The media have failed in all aspects of the gun debate because they barely know what a gun is or how it works.

They obscure the statistics so that people don’t understand what actually causes gun deaths(two thirds of gun deaths are suicide). The Media and Politicians use terms that are poorly defined(Assault Weapon) and do not make sure the audience know what a term means and what makes it apply (Semi-Automatic vs Automatic). They are really poor at context for what kinds of firearms are used for what and what their features are.(.223/5.56 is a caliber for Varmint or Deer… The differences between a handgun rounds and rifle rounds in speed and uses… The reason one might use a Semi auto, a bolt action, or lever action… a AR platform rifle being so modular that it enables people to customize their own weapon)

If the media and March for our Lives were honest and consistent, they would be campaigning for a handgun ban. Instead they target one of the most popular firearm styles in the country because they think they can make everyone think that it looks scary. Even though there are almost 20x more murders by handguns than all rifles. LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN, ALL RIFLES. There are also more murders by any of the following, knifes, blunt objects, various body parts, than murders committed using a rifle.

The most recent round of gun debate has been pretty fact free and resulted in a lot policy proposals that would do next to nothing(21 Gun Buying Age, Assault Weapons Ban, Ban all semi automatic weapons)and cost a lot of money. They have highlighted why CNN, MSNBC, HuffPo, NYT, Vox… need to die in their current iteration. The reason, they rely on outrage to drive clicks and watch time, to content that is misinformation through obscurity, ignorance, or a straight up lie.

P.S. Two things: You might have noticed I did not include Fox News/ other conservative outlets in the above list, they do not have this issue on guns but we have seen that they are fact free in other areas ex. The War on Christmas… Video Games… Trump… Taxes, so you know same opinion just not an offender this time. Second there is also the constitutional issue which the media does a shit job in covering but I am not going to even talk about that part of it.

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One other note the above picture is a firearm that would be banned by the Assault Weapons Ban but it costs over $10,000 USD before the cost of a scope or any ammo which for that gun should be about $2-$10 a round. This model of gun to my knowledge has never been used in a crime and would be very expensive to do so, also it weighs like 30 pounds so good luck carrying this gun and don’t expect to stand up and fire it for any amount of time because the recoil is significant.

Some links for information:

Plug for a quality Gun Channel on Pornhub because YouTube does not like guns anymore.