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The Scandal Obama Had and NO ONE Cared About

The Scandal Obama Had and NO ONE Cared About

Hey Everyone,

There has recently been a bunch of memes about how Obama never had a scandal (Talk about a sacred cow). The following then ensues, in comes somewhat conservative person and points out the 4-6 scandals that primarily was covered on Fox News, but did see a small amount of coverage on CNN or MSNBC and neither side agrees. So you are probably thinking what are you about talk about?

TWO WORDS: Drone Strikes and Signature Strikes

What is a Signature Strike? It is a drone strike is where the government has a best guess on who they are dropping a bomb on, but is not anywhere close to 100% sure. In Drone Strikes 6 AMERICANS have been killed. Were some of them bad people, yes but you do not kill American Citizens without a trial here in the States.

So how does this relate to Obama? simple he is the President that knowingly killed an American Citizen with a drone strike, and took this technique mainstream.

Lets Talk Numbers under Obama:

  • 567 Drone and Signature Strikes
  • 1 American killed on purpose.
  • 5 Americans killed by accident.
  • Between 221 and 266 Civilians killed in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia
  • Between 189 and 331 Unknown people killed in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia

Those are some pretty scary and horrifying numbers. Even after the fact the US Government does not know who some of these people we killed are. This data I am presenting here does not even include strikes that were not covered or any killed “militants”.

If this is not the definition of a scandal I don’t know what is. The fact that the Obama Administration PURPOSEFULLY killed an American citizen without a trial, killed 5 Americans by accident, Killed an innocent Civilian approximately every third strike using the low estimate, and killed an unknown person approximately every third strike using the low estimate, is fucking horrifying and disgusting.


The reason that I use ranges in the kill counts is that New American gather data from various news sources and sometimes counts would vary so they have a low and a high number if you want more detail go to their site.