Wings and Wheels aka Utah Festival of Speed

This was a crazy event, and a great time down in Spanish Fork, Utah. I was there for 5 hours or so and got to see so many cool planes, cars, and even a few helicopters. This post is just going to show all the pictures about to go up on my Instagram in their full resolution quality. One thing you will not see unless you subscribe is the pictures of the lime green lotus. I never spam my sub scribers and while this lotus is not the craziest thing I would like to get more of you signed up for my blog, so that I can share my pictures without algorithm interference. Also, you get better quality here.

OK and that is most of the pictures I have ready to go the only thing below this line is The Lotus and some bonus pictures of a Chevy Nova. You provide your email and you will get access to this extra section. Please give me feedback on my pictures via any of my social channels or email me.

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